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September 24, 2010 / jeni

Reading List: Ending Wars, Consolidating Peace

Ending Wars, Consolidating Peace: Economic Perspectives

Eds. Mats Berdal & Achim Wennmann

International Institute for Strategic Studies

Adelphi Paper #412-13 (Athens log-in available)

This Adelphi offers a series of economic perspectives on conflict resolution, showing how the challenges of peacebuilding can be more effectively tackled. From the need to marry diplomatic peacemaking with development efforts,and activate the private sector in the service of peacebuilding aims, to the use of taxes and natural-resource revenues as a financial base for sustainable peace, this book considers how economic factors can positively shape and drive peace processes. It examines the complex ways in which power and order may be manifested in conflict zones, where unpalatable compromises with local warlords can often be the first step towards a more lasting settlement.

Be sure to check out Chapter 10 — Crime, Corruption and Violent Economies — by our new King’s confrere, James Cockayne.

Full chapter list:

Introduction:  Mats Berdal

Chapter One:  Peace Processes, Business and New Futures After War:  Achim Wennmann

Chapter Two:  Stabilising Fragile States and the Humanitarian Space:  Robert Muggah

Chapter Three:  Assessing Linkages Between Diplomatic Peacemaking and Developmental Peacebuilding Efforts:  Ashraf Ghani, Clare Lockhart, Blair Glencorse

Chapter Four:  The Bretton Woods Institutions, Reconstruction and Peacebuilding:  Graciana del Castillo

Chapter Five:  Aid and Fiscal Capacity Building in Post-Conflict Countries:  James Boyce

Chapter Six:  Valuable Natural Resources in Conflict-Affected States:  Paivi Lujala, Siri Aas Rustad, Philippe Le Billon

Chapter Seven:  Foreign Direct Investors in Conflict Zones:  Andreea Mihalache-O’keef, Tatiana Vashchilko

Chapter Eight:  War Transitions and Armed Groups:  Jennifer Hazen

Chapter Nine:  State Failure and Ungoverned Space:  Ken Menkhaus

Chapter Ten:  Crime, Corruption and Violent Economies:  James Cockayne

Conclusion:  Achim Wennmann


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