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October 27, 2009 / Tom Hill

‘Afghans Oppose US Hit List of Drug traffickers’

Interesting article linked here in the Washington Post from last week with deep relevance to the debates at CCN. We have talked about the need to move away from a simple ‘logistical nexus’ mindset, as well call it, regarding considerations for the overlap between crime and conflict, as this leads to a primarily ‘disrupt’ and ‘destroy’ focus in activity. Our contrasting position, which we are increasingly arguing, is that one must also consider the ‘conceptual nexus’ and ‘governance subversion nexus’ forms of the crime-conflict issue also (see the link above ‘What is the Crime-Conflict Nexus?’). The WP article reveals some of the current problems with that mindset in action. Though, I still think there are more problems with this than the article recognises…

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