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October 15, 2009 / jeni

Reading List: Organised Crime and Trafficking in the Caucasus

Organised Crime and Illegal Trafficking in the Caucasus

Caucasus Analytical Digest (September 2009)

This issue discusses the security threats emanating from networks of crime and corruption in the South Caucasus. It analyzes the Georgian Mafia, their activities and evolution in the 1990s, and evaluates the success of Georgia’s fight against organized crime. The publication also provides an opinion poll on the reliability of and trust towards the police in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and a chronicle of the events in the Caucasus between 17 July and 15 September 2009.



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  1. Chiara F. / Oct 23 2009 17:14

    OFF TOPIC (it might be of interest to you)
    Have you seen this:

  2. Tom Hill / Oct 24 2009 09:14


    Those are some incredible (and harrowing) photographs. Powerfully conveys the sense that the struggle over drugs is a truly global, violent conflict.

  3. Louise Shelley / Jan 11 2010 02:04

    There is a lot on our website on Georgian organized crime including a link to the website of the Georgia center on crime and corruption. You will also find reference to our book Organized Crime and Corruption in Georgia, edited by Louise Shelley, Erik R. Scott and Anthony Latta, Routledge 2007. Kupatadze has contributed to two chapters in the book.

  4. Tom Hill / Jan 16 2010 17:22


    Thanks for the link. We look forward to looking over lots of this stuff. Keep up the good work!


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