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July 14, 2009 / jeni

Exhibition: What Is Crime?

Our very own King’s College London has cosponsored a norm-challenging photo exhibition on ‘What Is Crime?’

An exhibition of photography organised by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King’s College London that asks the question ‘What is crime?’ opened this week at the 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton…

Rather than conventional law and order images of police, prison and judges, the competition invited entries which challenged conventional thinking about harm, injustice and crime… The winning entries include images depicting the construction of the Israel/Palestinian wall, a polluted river in India, children working in an illegal tannery, images of environmental damage, and the painful suffering of the elderly.



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  1. vanderleun / Jul 15 2009 01:22

    What a clot of brain dead prats.

    Tedious and cliched as well.

  2. Tom Hill / Jul 15 2009 13:06

    Not sure if I can agree with you there Vanderleun.
    This further shows challenges of the term crime, particularly given this exhibition allowed a free-for-all of interpretations of ‘criminal’, and is informative for our on going considerations re. the conceptual nexus. In this exhibition we are reminded how the term ‘crime’ is usually used just to denote harm or injustice from a particular point of view. In this sense, there is an ubiquity to the notion of ‘crime’ that is worth considering further in the context of studies on violent conflict.

  3. kiers / Aug 21 2009 18:11

    if the CIA outsources assasination to a private company ( that pvt co. criminal? what if the mafia wants a piece of this “contract” are they allowed to “bid” for it? Why does the US military then, persist in the “old fashioned” distinction between “commissioned” and non-commissioned officers?

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