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April 7, 2009 / jeni

Breaking: Violent Protests in Moldova

The poor nation of Moldova is beset by rampant corruption, crime, drug and human trafficking, and one of the region’s most intractable frozen conflicts (Transdnistria). Now protesters are storming parliament and demanding the resignation of wildly unpopular (and filthy rich) President Vladimir Voronin. Stay tuned.


The protest rally conducted in central Chisinau has passed out of its organizers’ control, and the protesters are crushing the parliament, demanding the president’s resignation.

The protesters are breaking the windows and are disassembling the stairs leading to the parliament building. The protesters have hurled eggs, stones and bottles at the presidential residence, The protesters
have entered the parliament building and are now taking furniture, computer equipment, and documents from there, burning them in front of the parliament building.

The initiators of the protest are demanding that Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin come out to them, announce his resignation, and leave Moldova.


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